Client Testimonials

The prices are little high but the quality is amazing they have the patience for my grandkid never got upset when we couldn't make up mind get place right away I recommend it

Brenda R.

5 Stars

My kids have wide feet and no shoes from other stores ever fit right because of this. This store is wonderful and in my opinion has a very good, diverse selection. The staff has always been helpful from the time we walk in the door. They measure our child's foot and bring out what they have in that size, which is usually at minimum 9 pairs (more than I've found in most dept stores). Other than the time our child takes deciding which shoe they like best, we are in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes! I would recommend this store to anyone, and especially those with hard to fit lil feet!!

Amanda C.

5 Stars

Every time I've been here the service has been great and my kids get to try a wide selection of shoes to find the perfect fit.

Kaely H.

5 Stars